Runners who squish cats

As I’ve done before, there’s no theme to this post. I’m just writing a bunch of facts. They’ve been certified as such, so please do not email me claiming they’re meaningless trivia.

I bought a pair of Skechers running shoes for the first time. They have memory-foam inserts which are very, very comfortable.

Now that I’ve indulged in such a luxury, I might be a step away from the kind of luxuries people do when they get old. I’m thinking of dumping the 2-person tent I use when I go camping for a 36-foot RV. And the front porch steps may soon be covered with a ramp that I’ll be riding up and down in my motorized wheelchair.

When I have things to do, I like to bike instead of drive, even when grocery shopping. This may seem mean, but I like to make my cat Gloopy lay on the sidewalk so I can run over and squish her as I leave.

Sometimes I ride with my arms folded, no hands on the handlebars. Once, a pair of very young kids saw me, and I overheard them expressing astonishment at the guy riding with no hands.

I did a one-day road trip in rural Idaho recently with two of my former college roommates. At one stop we happened to be next to a cattle guard. I’ve been wanting to do a short video for this blog in which I fall through the bars because I’m so thin. So I got my camera and asked my former roommate to film me.

It didn’t turn out quite the way I hoped. I need to set it up better.

Finally, I’ve been having some problems with my refrigerator. Like anyone else, I thought the solution was hiring a repairman who would tear into it and install a new part. Then I realized I’m like the person who thinks surgery is the answer for every medical problem.

Like alternative medical treatment for people, there are alternative repairs for appliances. I used electro-shock rebalancing (quickly unplugging and plugging-in repeatedly), conversational healing (compliments and affirmations), and touch therapy (hugging).

My fridge was soon healed and hummed like the day I bought it.