Rules and decrees bring success to Manito Running Club

Spokane’s top running club by far is the Manito Running Club. Many members regularly win races or their age-groups. They are also leaders recognized in the running community for their effectiveness and dedication.

This culture of excellence has been fostered by a strict regulatory environment in which layers and layers of rules and decrees have created an atmosphere in which members thrive.

Many policies and requirements that govern the smallest of details in behavior, dress, hygiene and more makes for a cohesive, tight-knit group that is focused on discipline and attention to detail. This creates a winning attitude.

The group appointed a talented individual, Mike Tonkyn, to the position of violations administrator. As head of the Violations Department, his team doles out punishment and enforces the hundreds of regulations. In the below photo, Mike is delivering a stern glare to a member who used a napkin in a non-complying manner.The violations administrator (1)

Members are required to attend frequent seminars to learn the latest MRC policies and dictates. In the below photo, which I explained about in a previous post, members are learning to run in the latest, club-approved formation.SONY DSC

Even parking your car is monitored by the watchful eyes of MRC enforcement personnel. Though Manito Park is public space, parking spots are assigned for our Saturday morning runs, and there is zero tolerance for parking in the wrong spot.

In the photo below, I’ve just pulled out of my assigned spot, and I’m heading home with the satisfaction and fulfillment of being part of a system that brings order, structure, and a big brother warmth to my life.Jim-driving (1)

Recently, myself and fellow club member Lensa Etana were singled out for a near 100% adherence to club rules and policies. It was a truly wonderful moment, and we were very, very happy.Jim and Lensa (1)

Unfortunately, shortly after this, Lensa committed a major violation, and her membership in MRC is in doubt.