Quiz show host accused of burglary

Sprint McDowell is suspected of burglary.

Sprint McDowell hosts Race to Win, an online quiz show for runners.

I carried Sprint’s online game show once in the blog post, Running lingo quiz, and he treated me very rudely in another post, I agree to an interview, and I get grilled. However, time heals and Sprint deserves my support. I did an online interview with Sprint from his Los Angeles studio yesterday. Screen shots are added.

Jim: Sprint, what happened?

Sprint: Management is making things up to get rid of me. They said I stole lunches from the employee break room. I’m very angry.

Jim: Did you steal them?

Sprint: No. I just took a few bites and put them back.

Jim: That’s shabby, Sprint, but it’s certainly not burglary, and it’s not grounds for termination.

Sprint: I’ll say! Management asked last month if I’d consider retiring. I said no way. Now this burglary accusation comes up.

Jim: I also hear they think you’re over the hill.

Sprint: You hit the head of a nail, Jim.

Jim: The phrase is usually put, you hit the nail on the head.

Sprint: Whatever. Management says I make bloopers like that all the time, but they’re wrong. Race to Win is the No 1 quiz show for runners because I’m the greatest host ever.

Jim: Sprint, did you recently message racy photos of yourself to a woman?

Sprint: What? I’m shocked and disgusted! Such an abominable claim has zero merit. In no shapes, forms or waves would I ever do that.

Jim: The phrase goes, in no way, shape or form.

Sprint: I have a phrase for you, Jim – down with gutter mouths! Your accusation sickens me. You have really gone too far this time.

Jim: Isn’t her name Catherine, and she lives in The Philippines?

Sprint: My God! How did you find out?

Jim: This is so sad, Sprint. Why would you do something like that?

Sprint: I was…you know…trying to entice her.

Jim: How’d that work out?

Sprint: She blocked me.

Jim: Okay, Sprint, let’s move on. I want to post a photo of the new host. I’m told it’s a done deal. She’s a talented, engaging personality who’ll make fans rave. And I know her. She and I are both Flying Irish runners here in Spokane. Her name is Becky Alcala.

Sprint: Jim, who’s side are you on?

Jim: Not yours, Sprint. This change should have happened long ago. Becky will raise Race to Win out of the fog and into the stratosphere. I salute her.

Sprint: Waaaaaaaa….waaaaaaaaa.