Redneck running

If you had enough money to get by without working, what lifestyle would you choose? For me, I’d be a redneck and live in the country.Redneck relaxation

Below is an example of my dream home. I’ve discovered such homes are constructed in a way that if I want to listen to the chirping songbirds in the nearby woods or need a refreshing breeze, I don’t have to go outside.Redn trailer

Another big advantage is parking. I anticipate no problem squeezing in my many rigs.Redn parking

Running along a quiet country road is what runners dream about. I’d get to do it every single day.SONY DSC

A big plus about the redneck lifestyle is the sense of community. Whenever I organize a barbecue, I’m sure I could count on my pal, Hank, to bring some extra seating.redneck couch delivery

Drinking beer around a bonfire with my fellow redneck runners would be so fun. Nearly every redneck home comes with plenty of bonfire fuel just outside the door, by the shop.redneck tire stash

Trash cans are an unneeded accessory at get-togethers. When you’re done with your beer, just toss and open neck beer cans

The next morning, cleanup is so easy. Just rake into a pile, and eventually it’ll become a shiny mountain of landscape neck beer can clean up

A really great thing about redneck country living is nature is just outside the door. They have trees and animals, and any time I want, I can drink my beer down at the river while appreciating the beauty of nature.redneck fishing hole

And when I’m not running, I can scout the woods behind my house for varmints to shoot and cook up for mighty fine redneck eating. Oh, do I look forward to my dream lifestyle.Redn walking

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