Football and distance running

With the Super Bowl coming up, the editorial board and staff of I Must Run Everywhere (me), decided to do a post about the close relationship of football and running. In addition, to commemorate the Seahawks vs. Patriots game, I carried a football on my run today.Football runnningThough they seem like completely different sports, there are many interwoven aspects. Running has been around for millennia, but football arose from it as a distinct American sport in the late 19th and early 20th century. Because of their shared background, many phrases associated with football have their origins in running. This is easy to see below in the football expressions that are followed by the common running term it arose from.

First and 10. / First in 10K.

His pass try fell incomplete. / He passed the guy with big feet.

First and goal. / First is my goal.

Another field goal try, so Cody kicks again. / Another field saying bye-bye as Jody kicks it in.

He passed 45 times in the win. / She passed 45 runners to win.

He finished off the win with a quarterback sack at the end. / She finished up the run a quarter mile back of her friend.

He appeared in court, knees on floor and said, “Let me have bail. I won’t run, Judge Tinner” / He appeared at Courtney’s door and said, “Let’s bail on our run and go have dinner.”

I was starting running back in the football game. / I started running back and my foot got lame.

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