A race to watch

Before I get going on today’s topic, I have a financial opportunity. If winning $50 sits well with you, answer the following question which has answer clues embedded: Name the major race held in early March in the Snake River Canyon in Eastern Washington which covers 13.1 miles.

When I first tried this quiz, my answer, River of Snakes Half of a Marathon was so close. However, my disappointment at losing out on $50 is shown in the below photo.Jim saddened

If you guessed Snake River Canyon Half Marathon, you are right. Congratulations! Well-known quiz show host Sprint McDowell is delighted to award your winnings. Just download the app, Cash for Me from the app store to your mobile device. Tap on the envelope Sprint is holding and a slot will form on your screen. Your $50 will be dispensedSONY DSCMany Spokane runners make the two-hour drive to Wawawai on the Snake River for this flat, out-and-back race. Click here for race details.

I refuse to participate because of a bad experience I had the one time I entered. I spent a lot of money traveling to Hawaii instead of Wawawai. Once there, I drove myself crazy looking for the race starting area.

The course record holder is Evan Sims, an acquaintance and member of Spokane running clubs, who ran 1:07:06 in 2012. This is a per mile pace of 5:07. I am sure Phidippides, the originator of the marathon would be delighted knowing what a very fast pace Evan ran.

However, Phidippides would cuss and do body slams in his grave if he knew race organizers regularly cut his race to just half the distance after he paid the ultimate sacrifice completing the first marathon.

Evan, who’s in his 30’s, believes he’s in his peak running years, and it won’t be long before he starts slowing down, so he’s running lots of miles in a try to break the course record. I talked to him last Thursday and he’d already run 90 miles for the week, and he doesn’t take any days off. Evan is shown leading a race in the below photo.Evan in race

However, all Evan’s work could be for naught if it’s a gusty day. This has happened to him at this race before.

If Evan makes his goal, I will do something that I’ve never done before. I award gold stars to people who perform random acts of kindness and amazing achievement. After a person has earned 10 stars, they receive a certificate. This accomplishment is so difficult, that only two people (Jill Cameron of Frederick, MD and myself) have ever done it. I will award Evan a certificate even though he’s well short of ten gold stars.cert

Good luck, Evan. May the above certificate soon be in your hands.



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  1. Congrats Evan on such a prestigious certificate. This must be equivalent to winning the gold medal in the Olympics. Many have tried but more have failed trying to attain it.

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