Running takes risqué turn

Sexuality and running may seem like remotely related topics, however I’ll be working on a way to mesh the two in the next few posts.

My “consultant” has advised me that my absurd and wacky posts are getting old, and it’s time to explore a new avenue. Since it’s well known that sex sells, I should focus on edgy, racy, risqué posts.

I’ve been a little worried about this because some suggestions have been made, one of which is that I need to put myself in the middle of the action. This will be a challenge as I must reveal some things about myself, and as well, word it in just the right way so instead of being revolting or offensive, it’s entertaining and interesting.

Previously I delved in this topic when I did a couple posts about running fantasies which actually were sexual fantasies. If you click on the link I just provided, you’ll read about a fantasy in which I’m disrobing as a very attractive woman watches from her apartment window.

Often fantasies require a set of circumstances to come about over which you have no control, so it can seem unlikely for them to come true. However, in the case of this one, the situation and details related to the fantasy actually took place fairly recently. It was very nearly a 100% accurate manifestation of thoughts that I had several years earlier.

So in the next few posts I will attempt to convey experiences and situations in a delightful and jolly fashion that will make even the most moral, family-oriented, church-going, straight-laced person say, “Aw schucks, that’s no big deal.”

And to myself I say, “How am I going to pull this off?”

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