Running lingo quiz

Welcome to Race to Win. I’m your host, Sprint McDowell. We have a great show lined up, and you can win big money.SONY DSCFirst of all, I’d like to thank everyone watching here at the studio. We have a packed house today.SONY DSC

Keep track of your choices. Answers are given at the end. Let’s begin the competition!

1)  Term for being beaten by a girl in a race.

  • A)  I took a gender hit.
  • B)  I got ponytailed.
  • C)  I got chicked.
  • D)  Sports bra 1; jockstrap 0

I like the responses to that question. People know their running lingo. I see some prize money coming your way!SONY DSCLet’s see how you do on question number two.

2)  Common phrase for a runner slowing way down and finishing poorly.

  • A)  My legs got fried like chicken.
  • B)  I died.
  • C)  I wasted my pace in the middle of the race.
  • D)  When I tried turning it on, there was no switch.

Another great response there! Did you know Race to Win has been the No. 1-rated running game show for the past five years? In my book, our contestants are No. 1 also.


Let’s move on to question number three.

3)  Term for a strategy where you stay behind the leaders before making your move late in the race.

  • A)  Hang back.
  • B)  Hang out.
  • C)  Run incognito.
  • D)  The sneaky grim reaper.

Oh, our studio audience is really getting into today’s contest. I hear a group chanting someone’s name. A couple banners are being waved. That’s nice!


Okay, next question.

4) Term for the item pictured below that runners wear at races.SONY DSC

  • A)  Number thingy.
  • B)  In-box number bib for post-race hook-up.
  • C)  Covert race security tracking number.
  • D)  Race bib.

Let’s take a break. I’d like to get to know you, the contestant. Tell me about yourself. Have you had any good races lately? How’s your training going? Just speak at the photo of me below which activates an app that collects your words and delivers it to me real time.SONY DSC

Okay, thanks. Only two questions left, but it’s the toughest part of our quiz, Double Race to Win. Good luck!

5) Evan, a highly-rated US ultra runner, said, “I signed up for trash, but I cleaned like polish”, after running a 50-miler. What does this mean?

  • A)  He ran into a tree.
  • B)  He picked up litter while running.
  • C)  He fought off a bear.
  • D)  Profuse sweating rinsed away trail dust on his legs.

Our studio audience is loving it. They’re on their feet screaming. But I know that can be a distraction. Hold on just a moment while I quiet things down.
SONY DSCOkay, that’s better. Here we go, our final question.

6) Courtney, a very talented and artistic Canadian marathoner, said of her upcoming race, “I got my ducks in a line like cocky soldiers.” What does she mean?

  • A)  There’s no stopping her sprint to the victory podium.
  • B)  She’ll smash the course record.
  • C)  No one, man or woman, will come close to beating her.
  • D)  All of the above.

And here’s the answers:

  • 1) C – I got chicked
  • 2) B – I died
  • 3) A – Hang back
  • 4) D – Race bib
  • 5) C – Profuse sweating rinsed away trail dust on his legs.
  • 6) D – All of the above

I’m impressed by your level of knowledge. I salute your amazing performance.


This has been so exciting. We’re taking a hit because so much cash was won, but that’s why we have generous sponsors. To claim your earnings, download the app Cash for Me from the app store and just touch the envelope below on your mobile screen. A slot will form and your well-earned money will be dispensed.SONY DSC

I’m your host of Race to Win, Sprint McDowell. Until next time, keep on running and keep on winning! Bye!SONY DSC

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