Front yard marathon cancelled

Some readers may remember a post I did last year about how I did away with my lawn and put in indigenous plants. As a follow up project, I made running paths that allow me to go for a run in the country without leaving my front yard.Putting in six miles, all in my front yard

Eric Nelson, a fellow Manito Running Club member, suggested I hold a marathon race in my yard. I took him up, got the course Boston certified, and wrote about the event in a post called Basalt and Pine Marathon.

I was hoping to make the marathon an annual event, however, some issues arose during last year’s race that forced cancellation of this year’s race.

  • Over 2,400 runners entered my event. Entrants spent most of the race trying to squeeze past other participants without making much progress.
  • Since the race course was a 220-foot loop, race officials soon lost track of lap counts and placing.
  • Many runners left their warm up clothing in my neighbor’s yard, and I forgot that my event and his lawn-mowing schedule coincided. The shredded outfits left a bitter taste among participants.
The native plants in my front yard have really grown and multiplied. Good to look at. Not good for running.

The native plants have really grown and multiplied. Good to look at. Not good for running.

I leave you with a photo of me, gazing among the plants, wondering if I can corner one of the four marmots that live in my yard. The pair of coyotes watching me may laugh, but they haven’t had much luck either.

Jim in yard


4 thoughts on “Front yard marathon cancelled

    • Kevin, send a two-page explanation for your refund request and FedEx it to Box 486-P&BM. Include a photo of yourself doing a 20-mile run as proof you were training for the marathon, and I will cheerfully issue a refund at the end of the fiscal year.

  1. I made reservations at The Red Lion and they will not refund my money because I received 50% off the regular rate! I am irate to say the least! They told me to take this issue up with the Race Director. I am furious and will be showing up to collect!

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