Warning: I am desperate

Sitting down to write this week’s post, it became clear that no ideas were coming to me. I became desperate because all I could think of was random things, some that had something to do with running and some that didn’t. I apologize if this post bores you, however, if you have trouble falling asleep, it’s an excellent resource.

In the 2011 Bloomsday 12K, a photo was taken of myself and a couple other runners. Of six feet, none were touching the ground.Jim running Bloomsday

I once read an article about this and was surprised how high the ratio of both feet off the ground is to time that at least one foot is on the ground.

Below is a photo of me watching a track and field race on YouTube.Jim watching race

Non-runners (and some runners too), probably think it’s boring to watch people run in circles over and over, but I find it very interesting.

Here I am standing atop the compost pile in the corner of my backyard.Jim's compost pile

The guy who lives across the alley from me once asked my next-door neighbor if they hate me. My neighbor asked why he would think that. The guy across the alley said because he saw them tossing weeds into my backyard. My neighbors do that because I told them I want their yard pickings for my compost pile.

I’m going to reveal something embarrassing. Maybe you’ll find it disgusting. I grow lots of tomatoes in my backyard. I eat plenty fresh, but I also boil a bunch down to make spaghetti sauce. I also have a dehydrator that I use to dry more for wintertime eating.

I cut up more than a hundred tomatoes to dry.

I cut up a lot of tomatoes to dry. This is one batch which I repeat a bunch times more.

When I cut bunches of tomatoes, there’s a large pool of tomato juice left on the cutting table. The juice is especially sweet and good-tasting. I put my lips to the table and suck it up.Jim sucking tomato juice

I’m a bachelor, and I live alone. I can get away with this. However, if I start seeing someone, don’t take a screen shot of this photo and send it to her. I’ll come after you.

2 thoughts on “Warning: I am desperate

  1. Very interesting to know you dehydrate fresh produce. What else do you dehydrate? And does eating dehydrated food make you light on your feet so you don’t touch the ground?

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