A run in wild, untamed wilderness

In a previous post, I wrote how I converted my front yard from a lawn into a natural landscape with many types of native plants, and how trails I’d constructed made it possible to run in a natural area yet never leave my front yard.animal expert4

When I go for a run in my yard, it’s so nice with the fragrant plants, scenery and untamed, 100 ft x 120 ft wilderness. However, I’ve realized something’s missing.Jim's fronyard run2

If you go running in a natural area, sometimes you catch a glimpse of a wild animal. I’d like to experience the same thing in my front yard. I’ve decided to mimic one by releasing native wildlife in my yard.

Of course, I want everything to go smoothly, so I hired a consultant. I wrote previously how I met Ruby Redpepper, who owns a company called AFS (Animal Fulfillment Specialists). She flew into Spokane, and when we met, she gave me information I never would have considered.animal expert1

I so much wanted a bear in my front yard, but she said it wouldn’t work. She advised that my habitat is suitable for a pair of coyotes, at most, to occupy the top of the food chain.

In the below photo, a small, catlike animal native to South Africa is instantly attracted to my natural landscape. Ms. Redpepper uses this animal as an indicator of the quality of habitat. It was a very good sign.animal expert3

In addition to coyotes, I’ll have marmots, a badger, rabbits, ground squirrels and plenty of smaller rodents. Though it doesn’t seem like it’d work, Ms. Redpepper says I should have a small colony of bats, a medium-sized owl and a red-tailed hawk. She assures me they will stay in my preserve because of its concentrated diversity.

I’m so very especially looking forward to this ecological development. Ms. Redpepper tells me if the populations thrive, I can eventually add a moose, two deer and a bobcat.

I like animals. I dream of an animal kingdom right outside my front door.animal expert7

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