Running Fantasies

Sexuality has become so linked with the word fantasies, that you probably thought this post was going to delve into sexual things.

Not so. Sexual fantasies are not an appropriate topic for this blog. Though I’m sure runners have sexual fantasies, this is not the place to explore them. It can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and shocking. Besides, I don’t have the skill set to deliver sexually-oriented material in a fun, delightful, and wholesome way.

Another thing – I’d be writing about my sexual fantasies which would be inappropriate, and you probably wouldn’t enjoy it unless you were into something like that. And it would take a long time because of the sheer number and the many important details.

For instance, there’s this one where I’m the only guy in a room full of attractive women. I’m dressed in a sexually appealing way and the women are very interested in seeing more. I behave in a way to encourage them, and next thing you know, they’re removing my clothes. Wait….forget you just read that. This is way off-topic.

Let’s talk about kittens. They’re so cute. I could watch a litter of playful kittens all day long.

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