Test your knowledge – take this quiz

By taking this quiz, you can determine how knowledgeable you are about running history. Though it’s virtually impossible to score a perfect six out of six, give it a try. The correct answers and how you rate follow the quiz.

1) John Walker, who ran the first sub-3:50 mile in 1975, is from what country?

A) USA  B) Deer Park  C) Florida  D) England  E) Distancerunistan  F) New Zealand


2) Bernard Lagat, a naturalized US citizen from Kenya has been one of the top US middle distance runners for years. What university did he attend?

A) Spokane Community College  B) Villanova  C) Dresden School of Beauty  D) Washington State  E) ITT Technical Institute  F) Penn State


3) In 1984, what American won the first Olympic Women’s Marathon with a time of 2:24:53, then a year later, ran an American record 2:21:21 that would last for 18 years?

A) Lady Gaga  B) Steve Prefontaine  C) I.P. Aard  D) Joan Benoit  E) Brad Pitt  F) Julia Roberts



4) Pictured above is Paavo Nurmi of Finland, the only runner to simultaneously hold the mile, 5,000 meter and 10,000 meter world track records. He won nine gold medals during his Olympic career in the 1920’s. What was Paavo Nurmi’s nickname?

A) Superbad Fasty  B) The Scorcher  C) 5F  (Finnish Fireball Finishes First Forever)  D) Flying Finn  E) Pantin’ Paavo  F) Golden Legs of Speed


5) Name the Greek soldier who originated the marathon by running from Marathon, Greece to Athens in 490 BC.

A) Pheidippides  B) Minnesota Fats  C) Brad Pitt  D) Aristotle  E) Bernard Lagat  F) Hercules


The difficulty rating for the next question is 10, the highest level possible. Refer to the below photo for a clue to the answer.

jim ryun6) The runner pictured on this magazine held the world mile record for eight years. He’s the only American runner to run a sub-4 minute mile as a junior in high school, and set an American record in the mile as a high school senior. Who is he?

A) Bill Clinton  B) Mike Boit  C) Jim Ryun  D) Minnesota Fats  E) Jonathan Hill  F) Brad Pitt


Answers: 1) New Zealand  2) Washington State  3) Joan Benoit  4) Flyin’ Finn 5) Pheidippides  6) Jim Ryun

5-6 right – Congratulations, you are an expert.

3-4 right – You are very, very good. You are an impressive individual.

1-2 right – You’re above average. Give yourself a pat on the back.

0 right – Please enroll in my low-cost, on-line course, Running History 101.



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