Rastafarian racer

A Caucasian Rastafarian in dreads, sporting a flowered necklace and pant patches extolling a carefree and easy-going lifestyle showed up at the Monster Mash 5K last Sunday at Manito Park in Spokane Washington.rasta guy

The Rastafarian was not a Jamaican, but me, in my Halloween outfit. I ran at an easy pace, staying in character by having a good time, encouraging others, and offering “medicine” for my fellow runners to feel good and mellow out.

The Monster Mash 5K raises money for a group called Active4Youth, which funds after school running programs for Spokane area elementary schools. Over 500 entrants, nearly all in costume, entered the race.

By the time Halloween is over, I’ll have worn my outfit on several occasions. As many people know, marijuana is an integral element of the Rastafarian lifestyle. Since Washington state legalized it last year, I knew I’d be okay including some extra large, Bob Marley-sized joints as an accessory.

I offered my stash to many, and though I received very positive comments, especially regarding the size, there were no takers. This was a good thing because despite the benefits of smoking weed, I normally don’t indulge, so I had to make the joints with the best substitute I had on hand – dried catnip.rasta smokes

It was fun dressing as a Rastafarian, but I was hoping for a fringe benefit that didn’t work out. Despite immersing myself in Rasta culture, I was not able to become a hit-producing performer of reggae music.


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