Speedy 10K a hot race

Evan Sims, a fellow member of the Flying Irish Running Club, is part of a group starting a new race that will be held on Sept 28th at the Spokane Raceway Park. He asked early on if I could help spread the word. He agreed to pay $500 for a blog post devoted to the Speedy 10K.speedy_logo_small

As I was finalizing the post, Evan told me his $500 should entitle him to some additional race marketing advice, and he’d prefer to pay me in goods. I wasn’t too happy, but since I’d like to see the race do well, I agreed.

Evan's two past-times - breaking course records and DJ-ing

Evan’s pastimes – breaking course records and DJ-ing.

Evan is well-known in the Flying Irish Running Club and is one of the top runners in Washington. I suggested he parley his celebrity by singing ballads and love songs as part of the pre-race entertainment. He said no way. So I recommended he lead a warm-up dance routine set to music. He hasn’t committed, but I saw him walking out of a clothing store with leopard-print dance tights.

As for the Speedy 10K, Evan and team have worked hard to ensure participants have a good experience. The course is flat as can be, accurately measured and marked, and USATF certified. There’s a purse of $1,550, and prize money will be awarded to the top 5 women and men finishers. Cost is $30. Day of race registration is $40. T-shirts are an additional $12. The race benefits Active4Youth, a non-profit that supports after school sports programs in Spokane area elementary schools.

The website, Speedy10K.com, is user-friendly and there’s no extra charge to sign up on-line. So go to the site and sign up now.

One final thing; shown below is Evan’s payment in goods for my hard work which I just got in the mail. A pair of socks? Are they worth $500? I was so enraged that I ripped my curtains to shreds and smashed my antique bottle collection.socks

To be honest, I didn’t really charge Evan to write about his race, so with the socks, I came out ahead. I think I’ll wear them when I run the Speedy 10K.

2 thoughts on “Speedy 10K a hot race

  1. Sorry about the mix-up. I must have had the routing number wrong when I made the wire transfer.

    Those socks are easily worth $500. Well, they are brand new wool socks. Ok, maybe I have had them a few years, but I did wash them before mailing them. I did Febreze them at least.

    I can answer the questions that you had about the race.

    1. Yes, this race is cape friendly. You might want to avoid orange since it is right next to the corrections facility as you know.
    2. No, I don’t know when the visiting hours are. I think those were mug shots, not online dating profile pictures.
    3. You can bring your pet monkey. There is plenty of space in the announcer’s booth for him to play. We may need to increase security around the post race bananas. Bringing a platypus, however, is sternly frowned upon.
    4. I cannot confirm nor deny that there may be post race pies.

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