Park Buddha

Duncan Gardens at Manito Park in Spokane, Washington. The pollen gives you a runner's high.

Duncan Gardens at Manito Park in Spokane, Washington. The scent of flowers fills the air.

I usually step up my training to do well in races, but the last race I did was in early June, and the next one I’m doing is Sept. 28th.

That means I’ve been able to ease up on my training. I like to stop in the middle of a run if I see something interesting. Other times I feel like resting and letting my mind ponder things. I did that today when I went on a long run through several parks.cont. shelter

I stopped at a picnic shelter to watch a squirrel race around with a hazelnut in his mouth.squirrel

I moved on to another park and took a break on the bleachers of a ball field at Franklin Park. I played baseball as a 9th grader and this is where we practiced and played games.cont. bleachers

cont. players bench

Taking a break for contemplation and reflection is enjoyable, but location is very important. I ran to another park where I know of a bench that overlooks a flower garden.cont on bench

It was a pretty view, but my contemplating wasn’t high quality. There was a disharmonious visual effect that I just couldn’t put my finger on.

After giving up on the fancy, colorful spot, I thought why not just lay on the grass. That turned out okay.cont on grass

However, I noticed a bunch of people coming my way and I knew I’d feel silly just laying there doing nothing, so I assumed a well-known meditative pose.cont. buddha

A Manito Runners Club member I know likes resting on this decorative column before we head out to run. I gave it a try, but it’s a bit uncomfortable.cont. pillar

I finally found the best spot ever. I’d never guess that a tennis court net would be the No. 1 spot for resting and contemplating.cont tennis

It was so good that when a couple guys came and asked if they could use the court, I said no. I’m sure they were a little pissed as they went back to their car, but sometimes it’s all about me.

2 thoughts on “Park Buddha

  1. Careful Jim. We tennis nuts are armed with racquets and balls. Not being world-class touring pro’s, “errant” serves and shots could be hazardous to your contemplative health

    • If it had been you, I would have moved my contemplative moment somewhere else. If the two players I shooed away play against you in an upcoming tournament, they’ll lose because of the practice session they couldn’t have.

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