Re-using running shoe boxes

Used to be that whenever I bought a new pair of running shoes, the box went to the basement, where over time, it became part of a shoebox skyscraper.

One night as I stared at the tower of boxes, analyzing its structural integrity, I knew I’d better do something before they all came down. I came up with several uses, some of which I’d like to share.

Sometimes I find myself a little short on cupboard space. I find that shoeboxes make great temporary cupboards.shoebox cupboard

Running socks are natural companions to running shoes. So why not store your socks in a shoebox. This has worked out great, but when I started, something very odd happened. Whenever I pulled a pair out of the box, I heard a faint whine. It was just barely audible, but I was sure I could hear someone or something whining. I couldn’t trace the sound to anything except the socks, but how can this be? Socks can’t whine.shoebox sock storage

Over time, I discovered it was the socks. They so love being comfy and restful in a shoebox, they don’t want to be put on feet. However, like I said, since they’re such great companions with shoes, they get over their whininess as soon as I lace up.

Another excellent use is a cat timeout place. Whenever my cat Gloopy misbehaves, it’s to the box she goes. The other day I got angry and sent her to the box for ten time out 1

I let Gloopy know when her time was up, and as she got out, I warned her not to bring dead mice into the house time out 2

Please feel free to share some of the ways you re-use running shoe boxes.

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