A sunscreen nightmare

It’s been a very warm and sunny summer so far. I know a lot of runners don’t bother, but I use sunscreen nearly every time I run.sun1

I came across a real sunscreen bargain at the dollar store the other day – buy one get one free, coupled with an e-coupon I had, and my total came to $1.50 for two 1-gallon economy-size containers.

When I walked out of the store, I was happily calculating how many years it’d be before I’d have to buy sunscreen again. However, I ran into a problem that all Spokane area runners should be aware of.

As I rubbed the sunscreen in, it didn’t feel the same as my previous brand. I rubbed and rubbed and ten minutes later, very little of it had soaked in. I rubbed some more and nothing changed. A half hour later I gave up and took the below photo.sunscreen disaster

You should absolutely avoid this brand. It’s easy to identify – it comes in a gallon can and has a very cheap-looking purple label with nothing written but the word sunscreen.sunscreen

I’ve come to the conclusion that this product is actually paint, and someone has committed an outrageous mislabeling injustice. Of course, I marched back to the store and demanded a $1.50 refund, which I got.

Now I’m considering legal action, which I’ve never done before. If there is anyone who can give me a tip on how to get started, I’d appreciate it.

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