Coffee Shop Romantics

Rocket outsideI am very pleased that my good friend, I.P. Aard, unexpectedly came to Spokane to visit me this past weekend. She admitted that besides wanting to see me, she felt bad about fooling me and making me cry, which I wrote about on July 1st. She wanted to make up for that.

Rocket indoor1It was lots of fun eating out, going dancing, and getting in a run, but on Sunday afternoon, at the Rocket Bakery in the Garland district, we were enjoying coffee and pastries, when something unexpected happened.

A very beautiful woman passed by the window, and though I.P. was sitting across from me, I watched to see if she came inside. She did, and I had to contain my astonishment. It was Petra.

I last saw her while running a few weeks ago. She was going through a breakup with her longtime boyfriend and hadn’t run with the Manito Runners Club since.

She ordered something to go, and I hoped she wouldn’t see me. Though I wanted to talk, now was not a good time.

As she grabbed a straw, she saw me.

“Hello, Jim. How’s it going?” She came to our table.

I told her my leg was coming out of its rut, so my running was improving. I asked how things were going with her and Byron. She said they were officially a former couple, and she hadn’t seen him in two weeks.

Petra and I.P. had glanced at each other repeatedly, and I really couldn’t avoid not introducing them. I told Petra that I.P. is a good friend and a runner as well. They shook, and Petra asked if she had run with the Manito Runners Club.

“No, I’m from out of town,” I.P. replied. “I’m just here for the weekend to visit Jim.”

The conversation that followed was between just I.P. and Petra. They talked about how pretty Spokane is and all the outdoor activities you can do and how many running clubs there are. Petra did not look at me once until she had to go.

“Have a nice day, Jim,” was all she said. She walked briskly away.

I was very concerned about what just happened. I couldn't stop myself watching Petra leave.

I was very concerned about what happened. I couldn’t stop myself watching Petra leave.

I.P. tossed a wadded up sugar packet at me. “You remember I have to be at the airport at 2:00, don’t you?”


“She seems really nice. She looks like a good runner.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty good.”

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