Basalt and Pine Marathon

Before you read any further, grab your calendar and a pen. Mark October 6th. I’m very happy to announce the first annual Red Lion/Basalt and Pine Marathon. This premier marathon, sponsored by a major hotel chain, will be held in my front yard. The race name comes from a couple important components of my landscaping.

Many of you remember the post from June 9th in which I gave details about how I converted my lawn into a natural landscape of indigenous plants, and how I go for runs on paths I made. Because of the many favorable comments and suggestions, I’m turning my running paths into a scenic and well-planned marathon course.

Putting in six miles, all in my front yard

I’m on a ten mile training run, all in my front yard, in preparation for the marathon

A unique feature of the Red Lion/Basalt and Pine Marathon is that spectators can view the entire race without changing location. To facilitate this, I’ll be installing bleachers along the curb and benches in several places. I’ve also been working very hard lately getting the course in shape – pruning, widening the running paths, and course beautification.

course work 1It’s been very hot lately, and where other race organizers would likely give up, not me. However, I have to take a break now and then.

course work break2Another great amenity – no foul-smelling port-a-potties. All participants and spectators have full access to my home bathroom.

bathroomThe good news just doesn’t end. I applied for and received in the mail just yesterday, documents certifying my marathon as a Boston qualifier.

course approval letterFor out-of-town guests, a 50% discount on rooms at the Red Lion Hotel has been arranged. The Red Lion/Basalt and Pine Marathon Trade Show will be held in the hotel convention area the day before the race.

red lionThis marathon is shaping up to be a 5-star event that attracts entrants from near and far. However, I’m always evaluating the mix of amenities and features that make for a great race experience. If there’s something you’d like to see, please leave a suggestion on how I can make this event even better.

12 thoughts on “Basalt and Pine Marathon

  1. I would like to know if you are offering chip timing of the silicon type (as in semiconductor) not the carbon based (as in buffalo chip)?

  2. What are you going to do about security, specifically bomb threats? A problem with having such a small race loop is that all the spectators and participants are gathered in a very small area. It would be easy for Al-Qaeda or Captain Crazy to make a special delivery. Now that your course is a Boston Qualifier, it seems likely that you will be a target.

    • I’ve hired a group of runners who specialize in self-defense. I saw a demonstration they gave last spring about how to deter attacks by gangs while running. They assured me I’ll have no worries about race security.

    • The medal will be a piece of basalt rock that has a flat, polished surface with your place. I didn’t want to do the normal, boring stuff you get at most races, so the swag bag will be filled with groceries.

  3. Jim, you missed your chance to differentiate. You know, it’s all about beer. Go Ultra, imprison – I mean captivate – the spectators for a gawdawful duration, and ink the Blobweiser sponsorship. But don’t quit your day job just yet

  4. What Jim forgot to mention is the very affordable marathon entrance fee: only $65 for this once-in-a-lifetime event! Jim’s daughter is helping with the registration process so please send cash or money orders directly to her. Bitcoin is also accepted currency.

    • TVO, I noticed you booked a late night flight to the Cayman Islands on race day. Good idea taking a break after all this hard work. Also, I think you’re right about the bank screwing up the race account as there should be a lot more $ in there. I’ll go in soon, and thanks for keeping me informed.

  5. I think I still have time to train for this one. I assume the course is relatively flat. I have not noticed any hills in the pictures of the course . I will send in my money and also call the Red Lion for my 50% discount pronto! Thanks Jim Johnson for hosting this unique event in my hometown! Spokane really rocks!

    • Jim, my race course needs pruning, weed-pulling and someone to taste test the beers I’m considering for post-race consumption. A free entry for you if you’re available.

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