From High Tech to Highest Tech

Lately I’ve been working on technology improvements to this blog. Now, I’m ready to upgrade so I can bring you the latest in running news, information, and updates.

I’ve developed a new big-screen mobile tablet. This will ease eye-strain, and allow you to really see the details in photos that I post. You can expect to see them in stores starting next month.

My new big screen mobile tablet will bring internet images to life!

My new big screen mobile tablet will bring internet images to life!

I’ve decided to roll out my own social media platforms. I started a new social interaction network called Face Notes. It will begin showing up on your smart phones and laptops soon. Hopefully you’ll find that FN works better than the current, popular one.

You can subscribe to my Twicker network. Similar to Twitter, Twicker gives you real-time updates that are real. I’ll be sending out running news via Twicks several times a day. However, I’d like to make a statement here: I’m very disappointed by some comments about my new technology. It’s sad when people can’t respect the hard work put in by someone who has created a new platform. Simply put, I have very little patience for the Elmer Fudd references. I’ve already heard, “Hey, Jim, is this a twick?” or “”Are you a twick or tweeter?” I will become unglued if I hear one more such comment.

To deliver these new social media, I had to put in infrastructure. Since I’m a sustainable, low-carbon footprint, eco-friendly kind of guy, I avoided building more cell towers by installing my equipment into wind turbines.

Crews installing equipment at a wind farm in Eastern Washington.

Crews installing my network infrastructure at a wind farm in Eastern Washington.

Sorry there’s so little running news in this blog post, but I’ll get back to it next time. Meanwhile, I want you to know…

Everything I do, I do for you, baby!

Everything I do, I do for you, baby!

And, I’ll keep you updated on these new technological advances in a future post.

3 thoughts on “From High Tech to Highest Tech

  1. So nice to know you’ve got our backs … or necks … or elbows, or whatever. Anyway, the new cape is just keen!

  2. Now that tablet is advanced technology! I think I saw it in 2001: A Space Odyssey. They called it the Black Monolith or something. You need to be careful with monolith technology: it can force you to fly to Jupiter with a psychotic computer as a copilot. I don’t remember how that story ended but I’m sure that a lot of people died. Also: capes don’t work in space. You really need to consider these things.

    • Matt, your focus on burdensome details riles me to the nth degree, and when I realize these are things I should be considering, I’m riled to the nth degree squared. Will you accept a position as my technical advisor?

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