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I’ve called up my friends at the National Institute of Running Sciences so many times about topics that are rather unusual, and every time turns out they’ve done a survey about it, or had in-depth info for me. The other day I had another challenge for them.

Many of my fellow running club members have made a goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. It made me wonder if the Institute has done a survey to find out what percentage of runners do this. Even though Dr. Ayer O’Beck is the Chief of Running Research, I called my good friend I.P. Aard because she’s very pretty, and she visited me a few weeks ago.

Runners at the Boston Marathon Wait for the Starting Gun

Runners at the Boston Marathon Wait for the Starting Gun

“Jim, you squirt of honey! How are you?”

With a greeting like that, everyone can see why I like I.P. Aard so much. However, when I inquired about Boston, she told me I had to pay for the information.

“Jim, I’m sorry, but the research we do costs tons of money, and you’ve called so many times and gotten the results for free. The board made a decision to start charging you.”

I was devastated. I thought I was like family. I.P. knew by my long silence that I wasn’t taking it well.

“Sweet thing, you know we’d never do that. I forgot you’re so sensitive. I’m sorry.”

I.P. is right. I get so out-of-proportion upset sometimes. But after a minute I recovered, and I.P. supplied me with the info I requested – 19%.

Now, a contest. The caption above says it’s a photo of the Boston Marathon. It isn’t. I blurrified the photo so it’d be hard to blow up and read the race bibs. If you leave a comment correctly identifying which marathon it is, you win a prize. Even if you have no idea looking at the photo, if you’ve read a recent Post, you might figure it out.

11 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Stuff

  1. Good stats to know. You’re either part of the 19% or you’re not. As for the photo, I know I, and several other Flying Irish/Manito RC folks did NOT cross that start line this last weekend. No, none at all. 😉 And don’t let I.P. make you cry. We don’t want to see any more of that sad state!

    • K-Fast, you would have won the prize, but you did not come right out and say the answer. But I award you a gold star for knowing. I vow on my sweaty and wrinkled cape, I shalt not let I.P. make me cry.

      • That’s okay, I wanted to give someone else a shot so refrained from a direct answer. Thank you for your solemn vow… and entertaining read! 🙂

    • Lauriea, you win the prize. Good job, a high five to you. I will make arrangements to present your prize. Would you like a private ceremony or a large audience to gather and applaud your outstanding achievement?

  2. You have fooled them cable man, but I know. Picture is outside Budge Brothers Brewery. Eager consumers are lined up to dash for a new limited edition summer lager, perfectly hopped for elite runners and those wearing capes.

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