Police Needed at Bakery

As I’ve mentioned before, I usually run with the Manito Runners Club on Saturday mornings. Afterwards, we have coffee at the Rockwood Bakery. An incident occurred that disturbed me because I thought I could trust my fellow club members.

I set my order on the table and used the bathroom. When I returned, someone had helped themselves to my food. “Okay, very funny,” I said. “Who ate my coffee cake?”

My table before coffeehouse crime.

Eating this delicious treat was surely going to be the highlight of my day.

My table after heinous coffeehouse crime.

Instead, I found a tragic and barbaric situation when I returned to my table.

Everyone nearby claimed they didn’t eat my coffee cake, nor saw who did. I was about to get another piece when Petra sat across from me. I was instantly happy.

“How was your run today, Jim?”

“It went well, Petra. I felt pretty good. Unfortunately, things have gone downhill. Someone ate my coffee cake.”

“That’s so, so sad, Jim.” She reached under the table and set my coffee cake in front of me. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist playing a joke on you.”

I was happy to get my coffee cake back, but even happier that Petra had done it. She was seated across from me now. We got into a long conversation about relationships. She and her boyfriend Byron have been together two years. When I asked if they had marriage plans, she looked away and sighed.

“Byron is picking me up in a few minutes. We’re going to a friend’s house for a barbecue, and I know we’ll have fun. But last night we got into a long discussion that wasn’t fun. One day we’re a perfect couple and then another day I wish I was unattached. Our relationship is an emotional roller coaster.”

“Hey, what are you guys talking about?”

It was Byron. Neither of us saw him come in. “Roller coasters,” I blurted.

Byron said Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California is the best roller coaster ever. We shared a few more roller coaster stories before they had to leave.

I sipped the last of my coffee and pondered my conversation with Petra. Maybe I have a chance with her.

2 thoughts on “Police Needed at Bakery

  1. Saw where an eighty-something soap opera queen just passed away recently. Jim, keep this up & you’ll give her a run-for-the-money on drama longevity

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