No Cheese for 50,000 Bloomsday Runners

Bloomsday Start

2013 Bloomsday Start – Downtown Spokane, WA

This morning I ran in the Bloomsday Run in Spokane, the nation’s second largest run by number of timed finishers. I watched Olympic marathon gold medalist Frank Shorter win the very first run in 1977. In third place was Don Kardong, the Bloomsday race founder, who finished fourth in the 1976 Olympic marathon behind Shorter. He’s currently the Bloomsday race director.

Don Kardong leading Steve Prefontaine in a 1970 race. (Courtesy of Creative Commons)

Don Kardong leading Steve Prefontaine in a 1970 race. (Photo credit: Creative Commons)

The idea for Bloomsday was hatched by Don Kardong the same day as a long line of people were waiting at the Spokane YMCA for handouts of surplus cheese on a cold November morning in 1976, which the United States Department of Agriculture arranged frequently back then.

As the time neared for the cheese to be distributed, a YMCA official appeared and announced that there’d been an error in the newspaper. The cheese was not at the YMCA, but at the YWCA, located just a few blocks away. The crowd broke into a run.

Mr. Kardong, enjoying a quiet, contemplative stroll, was surprised to find a sprinting mob coming at him. To avoid being trampled, he ran a short distance and turned into the first parking lot, which happened to be the YWCA. USDA cheeseMerely wanting to escape, he somehow ended up first in line, and was given two large bricks of cheese. A reporter covering the event wrote a front page story the next day vilifying Kardong for taking advantage of a program for the needy and as well, using his running ability to get to the front of the line. Kardong says, “I got a bum rap for that, but man, was that cheese good! I ate an entire brick as I walked home. I saved the other, and today it’s on display at the Bloomsday Hall of Fame.”

Inspired by the sprinting mob, Kardong started the Race for Surplus Cheese. Over time, a more dignified name was sought. Thus, Bloomsday.

4 thoughts on “No Cheese for 50,000 Bloomsday Runners

  1. That is a very interesting version of the Bloomsday Run story. I don’t remember Don telling it quite that way. You must have been smoking some really old moldy cheese yourself to come up with that story!

    • Don Kardong told me that for a week after eating his brick of cheese, he ran very well. He wanted to get more, but because of the big brouhaha at the YWCA, the Dept. of Agriculture blacklisted him.

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