Awkward Encounter at the Grocery Store

I mention in the About page how I’ve embraced the concept that is the name of this blog, Imustruneverywhere. And so yesterday I ran to the grocery store.

Rosauers I shop at Rosauers, and it’s pretty close to my house, which is a good thing because I can get there before I start sweating. I bring the groceries home using a backpack-like sling that I can really tighten down so the groceries hardly bounce or sway. Being single and making a couple trips a week means I can easily pack home everything I need.

I’m not self-conscious about shopping while wearing my running outfit, however, since I started wearing a cape, I get looks, especially from kids.

I was in the cereal aisle, and a couple holding hands turned the corner coming toward me. It was Petra. I didn’t want to talk, but I couldn’t avoid her without being obvious.

She greeted me warmly, and we chatted for a moment and then the introduction came.

“Jim, this is my boyfriend, Byron.”

We shook and after a couple minutes of conversation, it seemed that he was a thoughtful and down to earth guy. He asked how long I’ve been wearing a cape. I told him just a couple months, but one downside is that zombies, for some reason, are especially attracted to cape-wearers. He nodded in agreement. “I can see that. They’re always trying improve their stats and convert us to their way of life.”

Byron said it was a pleasure meeting me, Petra wished me a pleasant day, and we parted.

After paying for my groceries, I ran home, thinking how hard it’d be to make a move on the girlfriend of someone who’s a nice guy. I wondered how in the world Petra and I will become a couple.

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