Park Instantly Beautified – Petra Shows up

Petra crossed the street and ran across the park. She was coming to our group’s Saturday morning run for the first time. She came right over and said good morning to me. My day was just made.

“Good morning to you, Petra. Ready to do five miles?”

“Sure am. How about you, Jim?”

As we chatted, I remembered how I really like the way she maintains eye contact during conversation. Such a beautiful woman, giving me her full attention. It’s like she’s interested in everything I say.

“Petra, hello!”

I should’ve known Joe would waste no time coming over. In my post on March 31st, I wrote how I introduced him, and he was instantly smitten. He said his crystal ball showed him and Petra dating, even though he has a girlfriend.

Because she’s new, I was asked to introduce Petra to the group. I mentioned how I met her while running, and she has no reason not to come every week since she lives across the street. When I was done, the group broke into applause. That had never happened with a new runner before.

We did our five miles and went to the Rockwood Bakery for coffee. I talked a little with Petra, but there were 22 members for her to meet, and the girls always talk at length with new female runners.

Petra made a point to come over and say good-by to me as our group broke up. Walking back to the parking lot, I was careful not to be too obvious eyeing Petra as she walked in front of me. I’ve mentioned before how her backside is so, so appealing.

Sitting in my car in the lot, I watched Petra climb the stairwell of her apartment across the street. I felt a tingle inside my chest. She is something else. I hope Her Wonderfulness will come to our runs regularly.

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