Trail Running Encounter With Hot Babe Leads to Disrobing in Meadow

Last weekend I ran to Riverside State Park. It was the first warm day of spring, and I SONY DSCwanted to run in the woods. As I crossed the swinging bridge over the Spokane River, I had a feeling it was going to be a great day.

While running on the main trail, the sound of chirping birds filled the air. I stopped to listen. They seemed so happy and full of joy. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling and really appreciating the golden moment. The world is beautiful.

I turned onto a side trail that follows the river until coming to a lush and serene section. I stopped, admiring the beauty of the clear, powerful water. Just then, a fish jumped, coming completely out of the water and twisting in mid-air before splashing back in. I was amazed at nature’s spectacular display. I applauded and whistled, giving the fish a perfect score of 10.

I had a feeling something exciting was in store for me before I had to turn back.

I ran up a long, windy path until reaching a ridge top with a fantastic view. Oh, what a special moment. I gave thanks for the beautiful day, the wonder of nature and all of creation. A hawk glided past, at one with the wind. I wiped a tear from my eye. How lucky I was to experience nature on such a glorious and wonderful day.

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