Race Awards – Fluff or Great Stuff

SONY DSCIf you win or place in your age-group at a race, does it excite you to get a ribbon or medal? Do you have every one you’ve ever got, or is it a just a matter of time before it’s in the garbage?

Most people like receiving a race award, especially if it’s a rare occasion when you can get one. Top-notch runners probably have a box or closet full of them.

I know a runner who is not excited about receiving race awards, which is how I feel about it. He even opposes them. With some races giving finish awards to all runners, or handing out expensive medallions, the cost has to be covered by the entry fee. Better to lower expenses and make the entry fee cheaper.

If you reach the stage where you feel you have too many things, here’s a good way to get rid of your awards while making the asking of future favors easier: Present them to friends under the guise of “lifetime friendship award” or “very valuable individual”. Just make sure to cover any race info with something shallow like a drawing or illustration that has a warm and fuzzy, feel-good quality. Maintain an expression of genuine appreciation if he or she shows any sign they think the award is bogus.

On a related topic, I deserve a first-place award for my performance yesterday. In my last post I mentioned how I ran into Her Wonderfulness, Petra. Last night I had myself wrapped around her and we were kissing so passionately. I woke up, and I was very confused. How could this be? I looked around, and no one was in bed but me. It was a dream. It was so real that it took a few seconds to realize it had to be a dream only because Petra wasn’t in my bedroom. This is what I deserve a medal for – most realistic dream ever.

Boy, do I have a thing for Petra. More and more I think about her. She is so wonderful.

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