Gorgeous Runner and I Intersect

The most beautiful flower in the entire shop stood before me today. I gazed at her, enthralled and awed, and at the same time, thinking, I can’t blow this. I can’t say anything stupid.

I mentioned in my first post how I saw her running, and how I’ve looked for her on nearly every run since. Well, today it happened. At the intersection where I always stop to stretch, a woman came into view, running toward me. As she got closer, I saw it was her. No way could I let her go by without talking.

“Excuse me, do you know what time it is?” I said as she passed through the intersection.

I ran toward her, but before I could get close, she looked at her watch, said, “2:45,” and continued on.

“Wait! Miss! Excuse me!” She stopped, and I jogged up to her. Oh, she is beautiful. So beautiful. “Is that Pacific or Mountain time?”

“Pacific or Mountain?” she asked.

“Sorry, I mean standard or daylight. You know, we just changed our clocks, but I’m sure you’re on top of it. My name is Jim.” I put my hand out. We shook.

“I’m Petra.”

“You must live in the neighborhood. I’ve seen you around.”

“I live in a big apartment building near Manito Park.”

“I know the one. I’m in a running group that meets in the park Saturday mornings at eight. You should join us sometime.”

“I think I’ve seen your group before. You meet just off the Grand Street entrance.”

“That’s right. Please come. We have coffee afterwards. It’s a good group.”

“I’ll think about it. Nice meeting you, Jim. Have a good run.”

I turned like I was going to head out, but as she ran away, I stopped and just stood, watching her. Oh, what a beautiful stride. And her backside – so appealing. What a wonderful, wonderful woman.

My attention was broken by someone pounding on a window. I looked around – it was the guy in the corner house who told me to keep trying. He smiled at me and gave a big thumbs-up.

2 thoughts on “Gorgeous Runner and I Intersect

  1. I told you he also was waiting for the most beautiful flower in the shop 🙂
    Good going, Jim! Maybe she’ll come out and run with us!

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