Five No-nonsense Tips for Running in the Rain

Everyone knows that water melts witches, so running in the rain is nearly stress-free since there’s little chance a hex will be put on you. If you’re a witch, not even the best rain gear is 100% effective, so it’s best to stay inside and avoid any possibility of being melted.

By the way, witches, putting hexes on people is extremely rude. If you’re out for a run and see a group of mortals doing the same, please refrain from working your black magic. Being considerate of others is something the witch community really needs to embrace.

The five tips follow this photo of a runner enjoying a rainy run thanks to tip #2.

Tip #1 – Place these tips in a plastic sleeve so they won’t get soaked in case you need to refer to them mid-run.

Tip #2 – Before going for a run, read the five tips over and over until memorized. You don’t want to stop to read them again while running.

Tip #3 – Singing “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head” is appropriate while running, but not in the shower afterward. The shower stream strikes the shoulders and upper back, not your head.

Tip #4 – Runners should keep in mind that rain falls mainly on the plain except in Spain. As well, if you get soaked, a bloke from Roanoke will poke you in the throat.

Tip #5 – Soaked running clothes should be thrown in the corner and reused on a hot day.

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