Watchful Eyes Keeping Tabs on Me

There’s an intersection not too far from my house where I saw a very attractive woman run past which I mentioned in my first blog post.

When I saw her I checked my watch and since then made sure to arrive at the intersection at the same time.

I haven’t seen her except once, possibly, when I saw a runner too far away to catch up with. But I continue to stop at the intersection to tighten my shoe laces and stretch just in case she comes along.

I was doing this during my last run when a homeowner came out and started wheeling his trash container away. He said. “I’ve noticed you standing around here a lot.”

“Just taking a break from my run – doing a little stretching.”

He started toward his house again, then stopped. “Are you a gang member?”

“No, I’m not a gang member.”

“I didn’t really think you were. Good luck seeing her though. She runs past often enough, and I’m sure you’ll catch her one of these times.”

As he walked away, my jaw hung open. How did he know? He must have seen me that first day.


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