My name is Jim Johnson. I live in Spokane, Washington, USA. I ran track and cross-country at Spokane Falls Community College and was a track and field walk-on at Washington State University. I have been a runner for a long time.SONY DSC

By making running not just a hobby, but a lifestyle, you can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life. I run almost everywhere I need to go, and as more people join our movement, this message will spread exponentially. I’ve calculated it’ll take about five years for everyone to convert to this lifestyle, at which point cars will become obsolete. Unfortunately, we’ll need to keep a few for ambulances and pizza delivery.

Actually, the main purpose of this blog isn’t to turn everyone into runners, but to amuse and entertain. However, there are some non-satirical posts, some of which delve into my experience with a discarnate mentor who is preparing me for a future role.

I can be contacted at jpjohnson@q.com.

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  1. A fine website, Jim, very entertaining. Who knew that a superb athlete with a body chiseled out of granite would also turn out to be such a creative and witty writer? And now let’s talk about you
    Best wishes!

  2. Dear Mr. Herr Johnson Sir:

    I believe you should come to my laboratory for a series of studies I am hoping to conduct. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

    Yours truly, etc.,

    Siege Dablonsky, M.A., FAT, BMOC, BFD

    • Siege, I’d be happy to be involved in your studies. Isn’t your lab the castle-like place at the top of the hill with all the lightning? I’ll swing by soon, and we can talk.

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