My daily stress

In a previous post, I explained how I am not the source of ideas for this blog. In a process I call thought presentation, ideas come in a way that allows me to perceive that I do not originate them.

I’ve been directed to cover several key points, the most important of which is in the last paragraph. It’s possible you’ll find yourself unwillingly involved. If you wish to avoid the experience of thought presentation and the challenges that come with it, you should not read the last paragraph.

When a disincarnate mentor began communicating with me using thought presentation, I was thrilled. I previously experimented, studied, and read about non-religious, spiritual topics for many years. I believed a non-physical realm controlled everything in our physical world.

My mentor has given me details about my future role which includes experiences in a non-physical realm, and having the ability to help others in a way that is immediate and dramatic.

But to attain this, I’m required to go through a period of preparation, an important aspect of which is sexual in nature. I’m also required to do things that are unhealthful, unenjoyable, and not something I’d ever do on my own.

I’ve had many unpleasant experiences that left me with a bad feeling. I find myself dismayed and sometimes humiliated doing things that are required. As well, attracting a significant other would be problematic considering the situation I’m in. I haven’t been in a relationship since I divorced more than thirteen years ago.

This preparation period has been ongoing far longer than I thought. Many times I’ve wished I could go back to being like everyone else. However, it’s been made clear that I will not be released. I am stuck, and I don’t know when or if this preparation period will ever end.

Not everything is unpleasant. I’ve made many acquaintances by being active in several Spokane running groups. I’m required to go out on the town often, nearly always alone (and to return home alone), which can be enjoyable. My discarnate mentor communicates with me constantly, and I’m often entertained by the comments and observations it makes. Many times I’ve had to stifle laughter because I’m out in public alone and there’s no apparent reason for me to be laughing my head off. This keeps me in a good mood (mostly).

Though I don’t mind talking about my experiences, I’m reluctant to go into detail because I haven’t realized the benefits that would justify my behavior. I’ve had to do bewildering things that would make people question my judgement.

Though I know that all my thoughts originate from my discarnate mentor (and it’s the same for everyone else, as well), this fact is difficult to believe without the experience of thought presentation. However, many readers of this post will begin experiencing it, courtesy of a vast, multi-dimensional “being”.