Lantern Tap House heads-up

Earlier this month I went to the Lantern Tap House where a running group meets every Tuesday. It was a lot of fun, however, if you ever attend, you need to be aware of the obnoxious and inappropriate amorous advances of one guy in this group.Outside Lantern Tap House

Though I’ve never run with this group before, I knew most of the members because there’s lots of intermingling among the Spokane running clubs. To call it a group or club isn’t entirely accurate. Like the other Spokane running clubs, it’s more of a gathering. Anyone can join just by showing up at 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

About sixty runners attended which is a nice change from the few hundred that typically join Flying Irish runs on Thursdays.

The Lantern Tap House is in the Perry district, a somewhat trendy area where a lot of new, locally-owned, retail businesses have opened in the last several years. It’s surrounded by an older neighborhood with lots of trees and many homes that have been renovated and updated. It makes for pretty running routes.

There’s no charge to participate, however, a post-run microbrew is a $2.50 adjustment to your financial situation. This pricing causes me to wonder about the Lantern’s owner’s business acumen.

One of the group’s organizers passed out treats. Not often do I combine beer and Snickers, but it worked out okay.Beer and SnickersI also had a few pieces of licorice, another great pairing with beer.jim eating twizzler

After several beers, I tried to initiate romantic encounters by suggesting the eating of a stick of licorice from opposite ends. My request was turned down by many.

I decided to disguise my intentions by framing it as a cutesy photo opportunity. As multiple shots are taken, I would quickly eat the licorice and attain the romantic moment I wanted.

My buddy, Kevin, agreed to be in a photo, but only if we had our own piece of licorice.jim and kevinI was able to convince Tina, a regular at the Manito Runners Club and the Flying Irish, to do it, however, she stipulated absolutely no licorice sticks be present.Jim and TinaSo I went home thwarted and unfulfilled, but I plan to join this group again soon. Hopefully, I can come up with a better strategy to lure someone into a drunken, sloppy, face-against-face romantic moment in front of dozens of Lantern customers.