There’s a zombie in my garage

Don Aslinger, a fellow Flying Irish Running Club member should have read the very first post of this blog.Don racing

(Photo by Benjamin Boldt)

In that post, I¬†explained how zombies attempt to convert runners to their team, and how I’m able to avoid it happening to me. Unfortunately, Don has become a victim.

Don is young, healthy, and a pretty fast runner. For him to fall prey means it could happen to anyone.

At a Halloween party, I got photo-bombed by a fun-loving, goofy Don. He's not like that anymore.

At a Flying Irish Halloween party, I got photo-bombed by a fun-loving, goofy Don. He’s not like that anymore.

This is so sad because Don had an exciting career possibility – acting. This is true – I was watching TV one evening and a commercial came on, and Don was in it. He didn’t have a minor role – he was the featured character. In addition, he was in the below print ad.Don in print ad (1)

Unfortunately, Don was doing a late-night run, turned a corner, and ran straight into a pack of waiting zombies. He fought viciously, but was subdued. His brain was quickly eaten.

There is one bright spot since Don’s zombie transition. Though it seemed his budding acting career was over, it so happens the Syfy channel films a zombie series in Spokane entitled Z Nation. Don was hired as a zombie, and the show’s producers are very happy having an actor who doesn’t have to spend so much time in make-up.Don the zombie

Being a friend of Don, I took it upon myself to care for him and prevent him from attacking others. Don lives in my garage out back, and is always tethered with chains. Our relationship is similar to that of Shaun and Ed in the movie Shaun of the Dead.Garage home

Zombies are easy to care for and somehow, sitting in a garage all day with nothing to do is not mind-numbing for Don. That’s understandable since Don no longer has a mind. However, I allow Don some entertainment. On occasion I let some of his zombie friends come over for cards.Don playing cards (1)

As well, I take Don to Flying Irish runs on Thursdays.Garage door

As you can see in the above photo, I have to bring a rope to keep Don tethered beside me and a club to remind whenever he lunges at someone that the Flying Irish is a social gathering, not dinner.

To prevent yourself from becoming a zombie, I very especially urge you to read my post, Zombies vs. Runners.