Dance cross-training

Last weekend, I ran in the Newport Autumn Bloom 10k in Newport, Washington. I recommend it because it’s well-organized, a nice course, fairly small field, and good stuff to eat and drink afterward.

The start of the Newport Autumn Bloom 10k. I'm wearing the yellow shirt.

The start of the Newport Autumn Bloom 10k. I’m wearing the yellow shirt and white gloves.

Dancing and running are good pairings for cross-training, and this was illustrated at the race. There were several runners groovin’ to the music as they waited for the race to begin. A race official, pictured below, couldn’t help becoming infected by the music and dancing runners. He knew how to 5

Dancing has the potential to bring a big improvement to your running and vice-versa. That’s a good thing because I enjoy dancing, and I’m not the only one.

Several people in the Flying Irish running group, of which I’m a member, regularly go to a club after our group run. When I asked them why, they said, “We’re cross-training – until 1 AM.” I’m impressed by their dedication.

Though I go dancing now and then, I’m going to make it a point to do more. I’ve been working on my form and some new moves lately, and if you’re interested in dance cross-training, check out my body of work below. It’ll work well for you, 1

I call the above dance move swooning. Keep hands spread, slide them back and forth, and swivel hips slightly. An elegant style that can be used even for fast beats.

Sometimes after a hard run, you really get a runners’ high. Why not take advantage by groovin’ in a 60’s-style, drugged-out, endorphin haze at a club that plays loud rock music. This technique is more fun if you have a wig with shoulder-length hair. Just point randomly while turning circles.

dance 3If you’ve got lots of energy, do the swizzle. Really swing the arms, shake the hips, and do plenty of pelvic thrusts.

dance 2

Sometimes I like to class it up by dressing for a style I call pimping. Plant your cane, put your hand on hip, and shuffle in circles around it. Women will soon join 4

Did you notice I’m not smiling in any of the photos? That’s ’cause I take my dancing very ultra-doubly seriously.  🙂