Leg needs repair

I got myself injured while running more than two weeks ago. Using the two photos below, you can win a very large cash award bonus by correctly guessing what my injury is.


If you guessed calf muscle tear, you win! Simply download the app Cash for Me and then tap on the envelope in the below photo. A slot will form on your screen, and your very large cash award bonus will be dispensed.

I’ve become prone to calf muscle tears the past several years. It’s happened a few times and it always in the cold or cool season. I’ve learned from experience that I can’t return to running until I’ve taken at least three weeks off.

To promote healing, a few times every day I stand on the edge of a step and lower and raise my heel thirty times.

However, not being able to run has disrupted my daily routine and left a big void in my life. I spend a lot of time staring forlornly out the window.

I’m so bored, I nap two or three times a day.

When I’m able to muster enough energy, I get a piece of wood from my woodpile and make toothpicks. My next project is to use my maul to smash rocks over and over until I have sand to spread on my icy sidewalks.

But come evening, my cat Gloopy and I enjoy some solid bonding time watching Nature on PBS.