The plus side of running injuries

I smugly claimed in a past post that I rarely fall down while running, even in icy conditions. But last month, I took a spill and gave myself a bright and colorful scrape.Arm burn

I was on a trail with Diana Crabtree during a Manito Runners Club run, and as she was telling me about the scar on her knee, suffered in a fall on the trails we were on, I tripped. Quite a coincidence the same experience would suddenly happen as it was being explained to me.

When I got home I poured hydrogen peroxide over my wound. Over the next couple weeks it provided an unexpectedly wonderful experience.

As with previous scrapes, I was tempted to pick. Oddly, I also find giving my picked scabs a thorough look-over is interesting.

I gave in to temptation and picked away. I discovered something great and took things up a notch.scab pieces are tiny

scab pieces-small2

Scab-picking provides entertainment when not much is going on and you’re bored. I really liked peeling off a large, unbroken piece, and having a delicious treat in hand was a super fringe benefit.

As I ate the scabs, I was delighted by the pleasant hints of hydrogen peroxide. I didn’t know an external-use-only medication could impart such wonderful flavor.scab-big piece

The scab has nearly healed, and I’m facing an end to my self-produced tasty snacks. I’m considering falling intentionally on rough terrain. A very large scab would mean a big supply of enjoyable treats.

Perhaps you think it’s strange I eat scabs. I do, too. What I’m really eating is pictured below.Scabs really b. jerky

Next time you eat beef jerky, I apologize if this post causes you to associate it with scab-eating.