I dominate running group photo

Last week the Flying Irish did its annual group photo portrait in Riverfront Park. Even though a lot of people were going to be in the photo, I wanted to make myself stand out with a perfect pose in the perfect spot. So, a few days beforehand, I went to the site of the photo shoot and scoped things out.

The Flying Irish group photo site at Riverfront Park.

The Flying Irish group photo site at Riverfront Park.

Since being in the right spot is paramount, I analyzed the scene and divided it into quadrants to evaluate for optimal positioning.SONY DSC

Distance from camera is also a crucial factor. Most people may think being in the front row is the best place. Not necessarily so! I used a tape measure to arrive at the ideal camera-to-subject distance. I found out the best place to stand would be toward the back of the group.SONY DSC

Afterward, I spent a few hours practicing a variety of poses, each conveying one of my many different moods and attributes. Below are the ones that made the final cut. I spent the evening before the shoot evaluating them before making my final choice.

Happy and friendly Jim.

Happy, friendly and jolly – that’s me.

I'm one tough running hombre.

I’m one tough running hombre.

I'm having a great time.

I’m having a great time.

I salute you, Mr Photographer

I salute runners everywhere.

Hi! How are you? Let's play.

Hi! How are you? Let’s play.

I'm a proud soldier of the Flying Irish Army.

I’m a proud soldier of the Flying Irish Army.

Below is the 2015 official Flying Irish group portrait. It turned out great, and I think I look just dandy.flying irish group portrait

I’m in the middle back. Email this to a movie theatre and have them project it onto the screen to see me.