Greeting other runners

When you see a runner approaching as you’re putting in mileage, what options are there for acknowledging him or her? Or, should you even acknowledge?

This is a trivial issue which really doesn’t need addressing, however, my runners blogging license mandates that I cover this or lose my web presence.

A runner focusing on a fast pace or who has that look that they don’t want to be bothered obviously should not be greeted.

For all others, there are several greeting styles available. I’ve come up with a list of scenarios and the appropriate greeting. Please feel free to add your own twist.

A friendly nod is often the best greeting.

Jim nodding

If you’re running in a rural area where cowboy values hold true, a tip of the hat and a friendly “Howdy” will earn you points.

Jim tipping hat

If you cross paths with that runner who sprinted madly past you at the very end of last week’s 5K race and knocked you out of an age-group award, this is appropriate.

Jim sneer

Some runners out there are just so friendly, smiley, and nice that you absolutely have to reciprocate.

Jim waving

If you happen to run through a neighborhood where gangs rule the streets, random finger positioning like below will show that you’re one of them.

Jim gangsign

If you happen to cross paths with a very beautiful woman, don’t be shy or subdued. Show her how you feel.

Jim happy

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