Victory is mine in controversial race finish

In mid-June, I attended a wedding on the shore of Priest Lake in North Idaho. The dearly betrothed, Jill Heuer Gilson and Eric Cameron, are active in the same running clubs as myself, which is how the couple got to know one another.jill and eric

I rented a rustic cabin for the weekend to take in the splendid scenery, wedding-related fun, and a 4-mile run/race for invitees on the morning of the wedding.

The wedding was attended by a contingent of fellow running club members, several of whom assisted in preparations. I was asked to set up chairs on the beach for attendees. I enthusiastically agreed, but decided to first explore a lakeside trail.

I spent much time chasing squirrels and putting wildflowers in my hair.jim flower2

When I returned, I still had ten minutes before the wedding started to set up the chairs. However someone had stolen my task and done it.

I was very angry and felt justified venting my rage by throwing large rocks into the water during the ceremony.

It was a beautiful setting. Too bad rocks tossed into the water disrupted the ceremony.

It was a beautiful setting. Now I feel a little bad about disrupting the ceremony.

A few months earlier, I looked forward to the wedding morning 4-mile race, but shortly after I RSVP’ed, I suffered a stress fracture that has not fully healed, and I was unable to run.

 Nick Freese and Eric Cameron, the top two finishers, with Jill.

Nick Freese and Eric Cameron, the top two male finishers of the 4-mile race, pose with Jill.

Amazingly, the night before the race, I had an athletivision. This is a term for a dream in which you win a competition that you were prevented from entering.  Neuroscientists believe events depicted in an athletivision are highly accurate.

Yet when I informed Nick, the winner, and Eric, the 2nd place finisher, that they were being bumped down a place, and I was the true winner because of my athletivision, they failed to take my legitimate claim seriously.

Nick Freese:  Whatever, Jim

Nick Freese: “Whatever, Jim”

Eric Cameron: "Jim, I had to set up the chairs for my own wedding."

Eric Cameron: “Jim, I had to set up the chairs for my own wedding.”

Despite my rightful claim, I was not awarded first place. I rectified this grave injustice after returning home. As I’ve done before after an outstanding performance, I arranged a ceremony and awarded myself a first place race winnerIt was a touching moment that I’ll never forget.

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