Running outfit fashion

I think it’s common knowledge that guys keep clothes that women would have thrown out long ago. I am one of those guys. I’m also one of those guys who’ll wear an outfit because it’s in my closet even if it was purchased in another era.

Too, I’ll sometimes wear an outfit that’s not really designed for the activity I want to do. For instance, take a look at the below photo.Sweatshirt

The stylish sweat top is well-worn causal wear that I turned into running apparel and my running tights are long johns. In addition, the hem of my old running shorts are frayed. Though this was taken when I was a 19-year-old, dressing for function rather than fashion is still in my genes.

Below is a pair of shorts I bought in the late 90’s for swimming. I wore them for cycling as well. As short running trunks became not-so-stylish, I re-purposed them for running and use them a lot, even today.Jims adidas shorts

I’m not much of a shopper and having items on hand that are still wearable leaves me in a wardrobe rut. However, after getting divorced, I’ve slowly gotten better. I even bought a new pair of running trunks just last year.

Young women wearing very short jean shorts are reappearing now that the weather here in the Northwest is warming up. I’m miffed that it’s fashionably incorrect for men to do the same. When I was in my teens and early-twenties, it was common for guys to wear cut-off jeans.jean shorts from Langstons


I’ve decided to try bringing this down-to-earth fashion sense back. I’ve created a running outfit using an old pair of jeans I cut off, and staying true to my roots, a worn shirt normally used for home maintenance projects.jim shortsIf you happen to see me running in this resurrected fashion tradition, give your seal of approval with a honk and a thumbs-up.

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