Bloomsday nearly ends friendship

I’m normally a calm, mild-mannered person, but at this year’s Bloomsday 12K race, an incident on the race course enraged me.Dietz profile

I’ve become good friends with Jim Dietz, pictured above, through the Flying Irish Running Club. One of the original members of the Flying Irish, Jim is well-known and active in several running clubs. I’ve attended many events and get-togethers over the years in which Jim was involved. He runs a business just north of Spokane called Dietz Christmas Tree Farm.dietz xmas farm2

dietz xmas farm5

Unable to run because of an injury, I watched the race while taking photos of my running club co-members. When Jim came into view, I noticed several things he should be doing to run faster, so I yelled at the top of my lungs, “Lift your knees, Jim! Don’t swing your arms so much! Lean into the wind! Pass that guy in front of you! Put your shoulders back!”

I yelled more things, but I can’t remember them all. However, when Jim went by, he showed what he thought about all the helpful suggestions I offered.Dietz ear plugging

When I tell someone what to do to get better and they do something like this, I get really, really mad.

I couldn’t get the incident out of my mind. I was seething all day and didn’t get anything done.

I was seething all day and couldn't get anything done.

By evening I decided to take a drive out to Dietz Christmas Tree Farm. There were going to be a bunch of trees that weren’t going to see Christmas.dietz treecut

However, as I was driving, I got a call from Jim Dietz. He told me how fun Bloomsday had been and apologized for not hearing a word I said. He plugged his ears because he’s sensitive to loud music.

I hadn’t thought of that. It’s a Bloomsday tradition to have bands play at several spots along the course. One was playing right by me, and they were pretty loud.

I told Jim no problem and at the Flying Irish’s next club meeting, it was like nothing had happened. Jim and I were good friends once again.

dietz and Jim

2 thoughts on “Bloomsday nearly ends friendship

  1. Thanks for setting the record straight, Jim! And thanks for sparing my innocent trees from imminent doom! That would have caused uncomfortable circumstances between our friendship.

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