Running in Outer Space

Whenever I travel, my runs tend to be more interesting and longer as I explore a new area. However, there’s one place I’ve never run – outer space. I thought it wasn’t possible until now.

With so many advances in technology and a plethora of space travel firms recruiting paying travelers, it turns out that Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, will soon be offering packages for runners who want to workout in the perfect vacuum of space.spacex launch copy

Plenty of astronauts have gone on space walks, so going for a run isn’t much of a stretch. Thanks to a newly developed system that creates a gravitation field around the ship to keep objects from floating away, runners will be able to go outside untethered and put in some quality miles.

With just a slight shove out the hatch and by going through the motions of running, space runners can cover great distances at far faster times than on earth.spacex capsule

I talked to Tanisha Harrison, a SpaceX astronaut who has done testing in orbit. She says she’s had some great workouts.

“My first time I ran 30 miles in just under an hour. I was very happy, but felt I could go faster. The next day, I really gutted it out and covered 47 miles in almost the same time!”

When I asked if going through the motion of running while floating in space can make you go faster, she said that’s what it’s all about. However, she admitted asking for a stronger push out the hatch on her second space run.

When I remarked that I wouldn’t need to pack my running shoes, Tanisha said to the contrary, apparel has been developed that’s necessary for space runners, including shoes that increase “traction” during interstellar workouts. A wind breaker for solar wind is required, as is outer space sunscreen. Another important accessory is a bright, high-visibility cape to prevent runner/UFO collisions.

Plans are in the works for several fun runs, a space-based track meet, and a marathon. If all goes well, SpaceX plans to submit a bid to host the 2036 Olympics about halfway between the earth and the moon.

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