Extraterrestrials lurking

Back in April, I wrote about Hans Harzl, an Austrian runner who got a jolt when a bunch of aliens joined him for a run. Since I uncovered these aliens’ activities, they appear to have been emboldened.

Hans Harzl had the misfortune of going for a run at the same time aliens wanted to do an up-tempo workout

Hans Harzl had the misfortune of being spotted by aliens while on  a run.

Because I stirred the pot, so to speak, by writing about them, it seems they want more interactions with humans, especially where I live – Eastern Washington. Apparently they like the camaraderie of running with humans, even though 9 out of 10 people believe that aliens are scary.

So I started doing patrols in and around my hometown. I especially focused on nearby wheat-growing areas because I know how aliens like to do the crop-circle thing.

Looking for evidence of extraterrestial visitors

Patrolling and monitoring the countryside for signs of extraterrestrial visitors.

Eventually I came across a very suspicious site. The wheat was layed down in an obvious attempt at a crop circle-making. It was clear that it was the work of aliens, however, this group is far from having the full skill set.

They may be aliens, but that doesn't mean they're great at making crop circles

They may be aliens, but that doesn’t mean they’re great at making crop circles.

I noticed obvious soil disturbance. The average alien visitors know how to cover their tracks, but these guys really need to be clued in. I collected a soil sample and tested it in my basement laboratory. Voila! Elements not found on earth that are common to other known alien landing spots. They’re here, but after seeing these signs of carelessness, maybe they’re not so scary after all.

Fragments of propellant. Elements not of earth. Beer bottles from a brewery in another galaxy. Aliens.

Fragments of propellant. Elements not of earth. Beer bottle caps from a brewery unknown on Earth. It all adds up to aliens.

So, if you find a spaceship landing near you and a gaggle of aliens pouring out to join you for a run, maybe showing them a cool running route will really impress them.


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